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Adaptation, Patience and Reward


This year, the cycle of the vine was very long and the weather conditions contrasted. Bud burst was early (mid-March) after a very wet start to the year and a cold winter. Bud burst was early (mid-March) after a very wet start to the year and a cold
winter. Fresh temperatures slown down the vegetal development, but an important water supply helped the vines grow healthy. The vine is beautiful at that point. From June 20, the rain finally ceases (the cumulative of a “normal” year is reached on this date) to give way to a dry and hot climate.

The veraison begins on August 3, but, unfortunately, rain will disappear and the water stress will take place until becoming worrying at the beginning of September. A miraculous rain (35mm on September 13) wipes out the thirst and an exceptionally favorable weather allowed the vines to gently ripen until harvest beginning of October.

The first pumps enchants us : colors, smells, balances : Monbrison wine is at the rendezvous!



22% Merlot, 68% Cabernet Sauvignon, 7% Cabernet Franc, 3% Petit Verdot



Merlots on 10/03, Cabernets Sauvignons on 10/17, Cabernets Francs and Petits Verdot on 10/06


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