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After the rain comes the frost…


The vines wake up end of March from a gentle winter. This vintage could be early. But end of April and beginning of May, two frost waves are announced on the Bordeaux vines. Most important means are swung into action to avoid the worst : a helicopter moves the air around to protect buds and young shoots. A few days later, it is a general relief to observe that the vineyard is safe for this time.

Works in the vines are intense during a fresh and rainy spring to garantee a healthy development of the grapes, and the dry and hot summer helps a lot to keep the diseases away. Still, a lack of water appears by the end of the summer, but thanks to the nourrishing graves, it is already time to harvest the Merlots. The Cabernets would have needed more time, but the sustained rains end of september brought their picking forward to beginning of october.




22% Merlot, 78% Cabernet Sauvignon



Merlots on 09/19, Cabernets Sauvignons on 10/07


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